Welcome to Sankalp

The Sankalp Group is a well-established brand in the food industry with roots in India. Founded in 1980 by the visionary Dr. Kailash Goenka, the company opened its first flagship restaurant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The rest is history. The Group today has more than 150 successfully operating restaurants across the globe. Over the years it has grown in recognition in the USA also. Bringing the flavours and traditions of South Indian cuisine, Sankalp has reinvented itself to include a wide spectrum of innovative cuisines. Thus, offering you a wide spread of the choicest dishes.

We now include South as well as North Indian cuisine, delicious Snack & Chaat range, Pizzas & Chinese delicacies to satisfy your palate. It is a well-known fact that Indian cuisine has made its mark worldwide. It is hugely popular in the USA also and Sankalp has been a pioneer in bringing such cuisine in best quality and variety. Food lovers belong to a diverse composite culture and it is to Sankalp's credit that it has made its mark. Now we augment this diversity by taking it further to include multifarious dishes. Our endeavour is fuelled by the knowledge that Indian cuisine as it stands today is second to none. The brand name Sankalp is committed to bringing the best into this market and to put forward a repertoire of menu like never before.